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What to do if you think you may need a dental filling:

If you are experiencing short, sharp sensitivity to cold, hot or sweet, then you may require a filling to protect the tooth. This sensitivity can be caused from a range of things including decay, broken fillings, wear or even brushing too hard! If this sounds like something you are experiencing, book an appointment with a Coolamon Dental Centre practitioner to have your discomfort assessed.

What is involved when I get a filling?

Firstly, our dentist will assess the cause of your sensitivity and inform you as to why you may need a filling and how to prevent the same occurrence in the future. After establishing the cause, you will then be ready for your filling. Fillings are usually done under local anaesthetic so that you are comfortable. The dentist will then remove any decay or unsupported tooth structure and place a new, white filling. The filling will then be shaped to match your bite so that it feels comfortable and natural.

Old or cracked mercury fillings?

Silver dental amalgam fillings can look unsightly. White, tooth-coloured fillings look natural and blend with the rest of your teeth.
Dental amalgam contains mercury which isn’t a health issue if the filling is in good condition. But it can be a problem if the filling is old or cracked. White fillings don’t contain mercury and are made from properties which resemble that of your tooth, allowing it to bond and flex.

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