Dental Implants - How Do They Work?

A dental implant is a component that is anchored in the bone of your jaw to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, or denture. Depending on your mouth, you may require a single tooth implant or you can replace all teeth with full mouth dental implants.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner

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Who is a candidate for dental implants?

If any of the below dental problems apply to your current tooth situation, then you are likely a great candidate for dental implants. During the first consultation with your dentist, you will find out if you are a candidate.

  • I lost one or a number of my original teeth
  • I suffer from gum disease that is impacting my oral health
  • I find wearing my dentures uncomfortable
  • I’m unhappy with my smile, front teeth and facial appearance
  • I can’t eat  the foods that I enjoy anymore
  • My teeth have started to move or my bite doesn’t line up
  • My missing tooth impact how I talk and sound
  • I’m not happy with my smile and I feel self conscious


How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are surgically placed in your jawbone, where they act as the roots of missing teeth. Due to the titanium in the implants fuses with your jawbone, the implants won’t slip, make noise or cause bone damage the way dental bridges or dentures might.

Dental Implants - Pretty Penny & AfterPay

How To Choose A Dentist For Your Implant Procedure?

As a patient, you are wondering how to even start the research for such a large medical procedure.
We understand that things such as dental implant warranty, clinic financing options and the reputation of the oral surgeon are important to you.
We have compiled a checklist for you below to address your dental implant questions.

Dental Implants Perth Cost


Dental Implant Cost


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Financing Options

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Tooth Implant Warranty

2 Year Warranty

Dental Implants Placed in Perth

Over 3000 implants

Locations in Perth

Mindarie, Warwick, Ellenbrook, North Perth, Maddington

Dental Implant Dentists in Perth Western Australia 6000

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Dr Jose Nunes

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Dental Implants - Pretty Penny & AfterPay

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many advantages to having dental implants in Perth. Dental implants offer an improvement in the quality of life, greater confidence and enjoyment of life.

Some specific dental implant benefits include:

  • A dental implant offers the most natural looks, feeling and functioning teeth
  • Improved speech. Dental implants allow you to speak more clearly
  • Improved and enhanced appearance
  • Improved comfort
  • Easier eating. Dental implants allow you to eat your favorite foods.
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Convenience. Dental implants eliminate the inconvenience of removing dentures.
  • Improved oral health
Dental Implants - Pretty Penny & AfterPay

Dental Implantology Terms Explained

Just starting your research into tooh implants? No worries! We understand that it can be confusing with so many new terms thrown around in the dental industry.
We have compiled a list of must-know cosmetic dentistry terms that will help you to understand the dental implant procedure in greater detail.

  • Single Tooth Dental Implant (You are missing one tooth)

A permanent replacement for a missing tooth, anchored into the jaw with a screw.

  • All-On-Four (All-on-4) Dental Implants (You are missing multiple teeth)

All on four implants can replace all teeth in your upper or lower jaw. The All-on-4 protocol is for at least four implants to be placed in a jaw. These four implants then support the prostetic teeth placed upon the implants, which will get you a brand new smile.
The All-on-4 treatment concept is a prosthodontic procedure (i.e replacement of missing teeth) that provides a permanent, screw-retained, same-day replacement for the entire upper and/or lower set of teeth.

  • Implant Supported Dentures

An implant-supported prosthesis is a denture, which is both retained and supported by four or more dental implants. This means that the denture does not rest on the gums. Rather, it is fixed on implants, which are embedded in bone. Only your dentist will remove the denture for cleaning and examination.

  • Bone Grafting

The success of a dental implant, it’s ability to support a dental restoration, is very much dependent upon how much bone is available in the site where the implant is placed.

Replacing missing bone or adding to existing bone is very often essential to the success of a dental implant and the ensuing restoration.

  • So what exactly does bone grafting mean?

There are many ways in which bone grafting can be done. Sometimes it is as simple as collecting bone when preparing an implant site and then reusing the bone for grafting purposes.

Whenever we can use the patients own bone for repairs or additions, we will get the best results. In some cases, bone material from animal sources is used. It is very effective and very safe. Sometimes synthetic materials can be used to stimulate bone formation and sometimes we even use factors from your own blood to accelerate and promote bone formation in graft areas. Read more about bone grafting.

  • How is a specialist Prosthodontist different to a dentist?

General dentists can perform dental implant treatments, but they don’t have the same amount of in-depth training as Prosthodontists. Prosthodontics is a postgraduate qualification.
To apply for a position in the course, the applicant needs to have completed a minimum of two years of general dental practice and meet all other requirements for general registration as a dentist.
Once accepted into the course, the applicant will complete a further three years of full-time study after which they are able to register as a specialist in the field with the Dental Board of Australia.
In Australia, including Western Australia, there is no designation called “dental implant specialist”, as stated by AHPRA, the dental industry regulatory body.

Dental Implants - Pretty Penny & AfterPay

Affordable Dental Implants Prices Perth

We believe that dental implants should be affordable. Our prices reflect this.

  • Single tooth implant, including implant abutment and crown – $3,999**
  • Removable Dentures – starting at $9,998**
  • Fixed Bridges – starting at $18,000**

**Additional services may be required depending on location of implant and conditions of the mouth.

All Teeth Replacement Ebook

Dr. Kent's E-Book - All Teeth Replacement

DR. Kent would like to share his FREE E-Book with you. Insights from over 3000 implant procedures are all in his new E-Book available to download below.

We operate an implants-focused in Perth, where we help you get your best smile back.

Providing quality dental implant treatment – at an affordable price is our goal. Our focus on dental implant treatment means that our expert dental team are restoring teeth through dental implant treatment on a daily basis at our Coolamon Dental Centre.
It also means that through the volume of implant work we do, we can provide our patients with very competitive prices in comparison to the average Perth prices for dental implant treatment.

Dental Implants - Pretty Penny & AfterPay

Dental Implant Locations

We are currently providing dental implant procedures for the whole Perth, WA area, including Ellenbrook, Bullsbrook, Mindarie (our secondary clinic location) and Joondalup’s surroundings.

Our Dental Implants Perth Dentist are professional and friendly. Dental specialist understands the frustration that can come from broken or missing teeth and dentures.

Coolamon Dental Centre specialist has begun to explore the advancements in the dental implant industry, in the process we became the leading choice for Dental Implants Perth in Western Australia.

Dental implants specialist overseas in Bali, Thailand or India

If you’re considering dental implants, Bali or Thailand would seem a great place to visit. With dental implants, including the abutment and the crown, being advertised for just $1700 or less, it really is a bargain. While plenty of specialist prosthodontists or general dentist in Bali do promise dental implants that cost just a third of what you may pay at home, there are 3 things you should consider before rushing off to book your flights.

1. Dental Training outside of Australia

Implant Dentists are nationally registered through the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency via the Dental Board of Australia and can be easily checked out online.

Heading to Bali because of what dental implants cost there, may not give you the same reassurance. How can you be sure that your dental implants specialist has the same extensive level of training as we have in Perth?

If you really are intent on going to Bali for dental implants specialist, then do as much research about the dental clinic and your dentist’s credentials before you leave.

Back home, the Australian Dental Association carefully regulates all dentists and handles any complaints you may have about their standard of dental care. Having your dental implants placed by Coolamon Dental Centre gives you peace of mind that you’re in safe, experienced hands.

2. Dental implants can’t always be carried out quickly

When you’re heading to Bali to get discounted dental implants, there’s more involved than just the dental implants cost. You’ll have to factor in time off work, flights, accommodation, food and more. You also need to consider that getting dental implants takes more than one visit to the dental clinic.

Naturally, you probably can’t stay in Bali for a six-month holiday, so you’ll have to book one or more flights and accommodation etc. depending on how complex your case is. Any prosthodontist who rushes ahead without waiting for the surrounding bone to fuse securely with the implant post is playing with fire and there’s an extremely high risk that your implant will fail.

3. What happens when something goes wrong?

Let’s say that you did get your dental implants placed in Bali and something went wrong after you’d returned. How are you going to rectify the problem? Most people aren’t going to be able to hop on a plane back to Bali at a moment’s notice and even if they could, it’s an additional cost for you.

As you’re going to need professional assistance to treat the infection and to ensure your implant is stable, the cost of this repair work is now going to creep into any money you may have saved on dental implants cost in Bali. Suddenly, your cheap dental implants are becoming ever more expensive, making it more costly compared to just having a dental implants in Perth.

Cost of Dental Implants in Perth Australia

The price of dental implants in Perth depends on which dentist you are going to. Warranty and Authentic Components are important to patients. If they are perfectly assisted by an expert implant clinician only then Dental Implants are affordable in a true sense, it becomes a very costly affair.

Instances where the cost is higher can involve bone grafting in the instance of a narrow, shallow jawbone, longer healing time, rejection of an implant, the type & quality of your crown and the number of dental implants you require.

The table below exemplifies the costs of dental implants in Perth. This is to be used only as a general pricing guide, as each case is unique and the amount may vary greatly depending on the factors mentioned above.

Dental Implants - Pretty Penny & AfterPay


Coolamon Dental Centre

Single Tooth Dental Implant ($AUD)


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Total Dental Implant Cost Perth


Dental implants are both an aesthetic and functional alternative to dentures or bridges. They are carefully designed to feel just like your natural teeth, giving you a smile that restores your confidence and has you feeling like yourself again.

  • Single restored implant (implant, abutment and crown): starting from $3,999.
  • Single implants (unrestored): starting from $1,999. (Item Nr 684)
  • Single implants (Crown & Abutment): starting from $1,999. (Item Nr 661 + 672)
  • All-On-4 implant bridge: prices start at $18,000 per jaw.
  • Implant retained dentures: (used to help stabilise loose dentures) starting from $4,900.

T&C Regarding ‘$3999.00  Dental Implants’:

  • Covers implants and placement only
  • Price available at our clinic
  • Valid through to the end of December 2020

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified dental specialist.

All on 4 Dental Implants in Perth

The term ‘ALL-ON-4’ refers to the replacement of ALL teeth ON FOUR dental implants. This procedure can be either on the upper jaw, lower jaw or both.

All on 4 dental implants costs may range from $18,000 to $19,000 per jaw for teeth-in-a-day with all-on-four dental implants (all prices are estimates only and depends on specific circumstances).

This therapy and its price are for Perth’s locals who have neglecting teeth, poor teeth, broken bridges and caps, causing teeth and do not want dentures. Nonetheless, Oftentimes, conventional dentures Deliver limited achievement because of a tooth implant alternative.

Same Day Teeth Perth

One of our most sought-after services offered at Coolamon Dental Centre is our ability to have a tooth implant placed and crown attached within the space of 24 hours.

The common implant time frame allocates between 3 to 6 months time before the crown is put in place, however, when having a gap along the smiling line we understand that our valued patients prefer not to wait for that long.

We, therefore, offer patients the option to have a crown placed within 24 hours..

Difference between a Same Day and a Traditional

  • Same Day Implants procedure are loaded with the temporary crown while traditional implant procedure is buried and will receive no implant crown
  • The cost difference between a non complex Traditional Full treatment of 4 stages versus a Same Day treatment has 5 stages
  • Choosing between the two is decided at the initial consult by tooth number and financial means to a patient
  • The extra Dental Codes which are not included in a traditional Implant are codes 633 and Code 634 (Australian Dental Association)
  • Greatest contrast between the two is that Same Day treatment covers only those teeth located in the smile line may have Immediate placed or Immediate loaded
  • The risk in an Immediate loaded procedure (often called same day teeth) exactly the same as a standard procedure. The only disparity that the temporary is not in the bite

Dental Implants Specialist Near Me

Coolamon Dental Centre is your one-stop clinic for general dental care, cosmetic dentistry and affordable dental implants Perth.

Our primary focus is on patient care. We take the time to listen to your needs and make sure all concerns are addressed. We want you to have a comfortable visit and strive to ensure you’re happy with the results, no matter what treatment you have.


FAQs About Dental Implants in Perth

What is a dental implant?

A dental implants essentially helps to replace any missing teeth. Dental implants Perth help give you the confidence to have a happy smile.

What consists of dental implants?

Dental Implants Perth consist of three stages, these include Implant Placement, Exposure of the Implant and Crown Placement. Stage one is implant placement which is the placement of a screw like item into the tooth bone. Stage 2 is Exposure of the implant which is when the dentist will check if the screw has fused correctly with the bone in the tooth. Stage 3 when the lab made crown is fitted over the implant.

How much does a dental implant cost?

We cannot guarantee you an exact price, please remember this is just an estimate price. In total, dental implants Perth clinic are approximately $3990.00. Stage one of Implant is placement $1790.00, stage 2 of exposure is approximately $350.00 and stage 3 is approximately $ 1850.00.

Do we offer payment plans?

Yes, we want to take the hassle out of paying for dental work. We have partnered with AfterPay and PrettyPenny.
Pretty Penny Finance is a specialised dental payment plan provider focused on assisting you to obtain a personal loan for your dental procedure.

How many visits does it take?

Each case depends on each patient as no case is the same. We also offer free dental implants consultations. For All-On-4 Dental Implants Perth the procedure may require multiple visits.

Do dental implants hurt?

We will always try to make you as comfortable as possible. During the first stage of inserting the implant, you will be under local anaesthetic. The treatment normally takes from 45mins-3 hours depending on the number of implants that you need.

What are the benefits of a dental implant?

Some of the benefits include: You can smile again with confidence. Dental implants Perth can last for many years. Dental implants act like natural teeth and help your chewing power again, you can brush and floss your teeth as normal as well! Implants can help premature aging and face sagging.

Do I need dental implant procedure?

  • If you have all of your teeth missing, a Full set of Implant dentures are ideal for you
  • If you have a few missing teeth, a Partial Implant dentures are ideal for you
  • Immediate Dentures procedure are for patients who want Implants and Denture placed on the same day but will have Abutments to secure (3 to 6 months later)
  • If you can’t decide on whether traditional denture or Implant supported the price difference is about $2500 per Implant to covert an existing set and perform the Implant treatment with Doctor Kent Tan
  • Factors that strongly influence a patients candidacy for Perth Dental Implant dentures are overall health, overall oral health, gum disease, Bone supply (density) as Implants need to fuse to the jawbone. In 80% of cases lower jaw is not problem but Upper jaw may require extensive grafts if teeth were lost many decades prior
  • Many patients use their health funds as payment for the Insertion of 1 or 2 Implants per year and only convert the denture when their health fund permits
  • You are a candidate for Perth Dental Implant if you are tired of your traditional denture slipping, clicking and unable to eat or chew your food, results in social withdrawal from embarrassment

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I was looking for affordable tooth implant Perth near Coolamon Park and found Coolamon Dental Centre. Also, they had many positive reviews and it was important for me too. And I’m absolutely satisfied – great service. I had a little issue with the appointment, but all in all my teeth feel great, so, definitely, I will use them in the future. I only wish they would enable text messaging with the clinic like with Rocketo SMS or some other app – it’s so much easier for me to communicate that way.

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