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Broken or cracked tooth?
Dental crowns in Ellenbrook, Swan Valley and Aveley can help you.

Thanks to Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing technology (CAD/CAM), dental crowns are stronger and more aesthetic than more traditional options. Dental crowns are suitable for cracked or broken teeth, worn down teeth or teeth that have had root canal treatment.

At Coolamon Dental Centre, you can have a crown created and fitted with a quick turn-around time, and all for a competitive price.

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What’s involved in a dental crown Ellenbrook procedure?

In order for there to be enough room for a crown to be placed onto your tooth, the tooth must be shaved circumferentially and prepared. If the tooth is heavily broken down or root canal treated, the dentist may place a post and/or filling into the tooth which has been planned for a crown. This assists the crown in holding onto the remaining tooth structure. Once the crown preparation is complete, a mould is taken so that the dental technician can accurately fabricate a crown to fit the preparation and also suit the rest of your teeth. The technician uses CAD/CAM technology to manufacture the crown which is quality control checked by our experienced dentists prior to fixating it onto your tooth.

Our dentists Ellenbrook WA 6069 at Coolamon Dental Centre will also make sure that you are happy with the shape and colour of the crown prior to cementing it permanently.

Why use dental crowns in Ellenbrook?

A dental crown prolongs the life of your tooth by preventing it from breaking, especially if your tooth has been root canal treated. Crowns are highly durable and stain resistant. Once a crown is fitted, most patients don’t even know it’s there as it looks and acts like a normal tooth.

Dental crowns can also be used to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Front teeth with large old restorations, discolourations or severe wear may be indicated for crown treatment. Ask your dentist at Coolamon Dental Centre for more information if this is an option you may be wondering about.

Aside from Dental crowns, Coolamon Dental Centre Ellenbrook also offers dental services like Dental Implants, Wisdom Teeth Removal, Root Canal and Dentures.

Coolamon Dental Centre Ellenbrook Clients FAQ

How long does it take for a dental crown to be made?
The impressions of the teeth are sent to a dental technician or laboratory to form the crown in the correct shape. This process typically takes up to three weeks, which is why more than one dental visit is needed to place a permanent crown correctly.
What happens when a crown is put on your tooth?
When a crown is placed over a natural tooth, several steps are involved: Your dentist prepares the tooth by removing its outer portion so the crown will fit. Any decay is also removed. If additional tooth structure is needed to support the crown, your dentist may build up the core of the tooth.
Is it normal to have pain after a crown?
The recovery period after a dental crown procedure typically lasts for a few days, as the body recovers from the irritation and inflammation associated with the procedure. It is normal for patients to experience some sensitivity, discomfort or pain initially, which should subside after the first few days.
Can you get a cavity under a crown?
When the crown is attached to your tooth, the area around the attachment is known as the margin. Remember that the area of remaining tooth is still vulnerable to cavities. … If a cavity forms under the crown, it will need to be removed so the cavity can be filled.
Does a root canal require a crown?
The general rule of thumb is that a dental crown will need to be placed over a tooth that has just received a root canal if the tooth is a premolar or one of the back grinding teeth.
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