Bone Grafting

If there is significant bone loss a ‘bone graft’ may be necessary before dental implants are inserted.

A bone graft is a procedure to restore the lost bone so the implant can fuse to the bone, called osseo-Integration.

During a bone graft procedure, a small amount of bone may be taken from another area of the mouth and combined with artificial bone. The bone is then transplanted in the area where there is bone loss and covered by a membrane. This is then left to heal before the implant procedure takes place.

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Benefits of affordable dental implants in Perth

Healthy teeth are not disturbed

  • A dental implant won’t sacrifice the health of your adjacent teeth. Unlike a traditional dental bridge, which requires neighbouring teeth to be cut down, there is no need to disturb the surrounding teeth.
  • Easier to keep teeth clean
  • No special cleaning devices are needed for dental implants. Simply clean your artificial tooth as you would the rest of your teeth.

Looks more attractive

  • A dental implant looks more attractive and lasts longer than a dental bridge. Receding gums around a bridge can expose the metal base, and resorbing bone underneath the bridge doesn’t look attractive.

Prevents damage and decay

  • Cement holding the bridge in place can wash out allowing in bacteria that damage and decay teeth holding the bridge in place.

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