Finance Options | Early Release of Superannuation

We can assist you with finance and accessing your Superannuation to fund dental treatment.

Once you have been diagnosed and received your treatment plan, the next step for many people is sort out their finances. It is well known that some of dental treatments, especially those that require surgery and full sedation, can cost a significant amount of money.

Like funding a holiday, we don’t expect people to always have access to that kind of money, so instead we have tailored solutions to help you. We strive to help you reach your dental goals by listening to you and working together on treatment and funding choices that that best suit you and your situation.

Steps to funding your new smile:

  • Consult
  • Diagnosis & Treatment Plan
  • Finance and/or Superannuation Application
  • Approval
  • Commence Treatment
Early Release of Superannuation to fund dental treatment

As of 1st July 2018 Early Release of Superannuation is now handled by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Now with self-lodgements being simple to follow, we have a dedicated inhouse team focused on helping you access your Superannuation on compassionate grounds.

What situations and treatments qualify for ERS?

  • You are in acute or chronic pain
  • Your teeth are terminal or failing; loose, missing teeth, breaking down beyond repair
  • Your teeth are no longer fit for purpose, unable to chew and digest food properly
  • You need teeth extracted and replaced with dental implants, dentures, or All Teeth on 4 (or more).
  • You have complex issues and as such require complex restorative treatment of the teeth, smile and bite

Please note purely cosmetic cases do not qualify for ERS. For more information please see the ATO’s ERS access on compassionate grounds page or alternatively contact us to discuss your options with one of our dedicated team.

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