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Our dentists can assist by organising new dentures or repair your current dentures at affordable costs.

Denture repairs Ellenbrook

Not everyone can keep the same set of teeth they were born with.

Decay, gum disease, damage or injury can cause severe tooth loss. When this happens, you have the choice of replacing your natural teeth with a set of dentures or dental implants. You may even be eligible to have a combination of dentures and implants. Speak to a Coolamon Dental dentist to discuss denture costs in Ellenbrook, WA 6069 and which option is best for you. Options offered at Coolamon Dental include implant-supported overdentures, cast cobalt-chrome dentures and acrylic dentures. The dentist will help choose the best option for you after a thorough assessment of the entire mouth.

Can dentures be repaired?

Breaking your dentures can be a painful experience, especially if the dentures replace front teeth in the aesthetic zone or assist with chewing and eating food. If your dentures have broken and need repair, don’t hesitate in calling Coolamon Dental as our dentists can help by organising a repair for your current dentures or, if preferable, organising new dentures entirely.

Can broken dentures be repaired?

Wearers will be able to use an over-the-counter repair kit to temporarily repair a broken denture tooth in some situations. Broken dentures must also be delivered to a dentist or prosthodontist for proper repair since repair kits only have a temporary patch. If you are experiencing this, let the team know at Coolamon Dental, and our dentists will advise you whether they can reline the denture to fit or if new dentures would be more suited to you.

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What to Do When You Need Denture Repair in Ellenbrook?

You might require denture repair or a denture reline even though you’ve done whatever you can to take good care of your dentures. Maybe you bit down on something that cracked your dentures, or perhaps you dropped them that night while getting ready for bed. Dropping the dentures will cause the base to fracture, a chipped tooth, or a broken tooth.

Whatever the source of the injury, you must take the correct measures to get your dentures appropriately fixed, even if it means scheduling an appointment with a local dentist who provides same-day denture repair or replacement.

Can old dentures be repaired?

Dentures will last a few years longer with careful treatment, but even with good oral hygiene and routine dental appointments, wear and tear on a collection of dentures can result in some inevitable harm. The denture would need to be fixed and only removed by the end of its lifetime.

denture repairs Ellenbrook
denture repairs in Ellenbrook

What are the benefits of dentures Ellenbrook?

Benefits of Dentures

  • Dentures will boost your self-confidence.
  • Your smile and beauty have improved.
  • Dentures support your facial muscles.
  • Dentures will help you speak more clearly.
  • Your ability to suck and chew your favourite foods has improved.

Thanks to recent advances in technology and our experienced technicians in Coolamon Dental Centre in Ellenbrook WA 6069, Swan Valley and Aveley, your dentures can be fitted much quicker than before. Modern dentures in Ellenbrook are more robust, more comfortable to wear, look great, and easy to clean and maintain.

Denture Repairs Ellenbrook allow you to keep living your life without hiding away. Wearing dentures can also help restore facial muscles making you look instantly younger.

Aside from Dentures, Coolamon Dental Centre Ellenbrook also offers dental services like Dental Implants Ellenbrook, Wisdom Teeth Removal, Invisalign, Root Canal and Dental Crowns and Bridges.

Coolamon Dental Centre Ellenbrook Clients FAQ

What is the best way to repair dentures?

Superglue may be an excellent alternative cure for repairing a damaged denture in an emergency. It has the ability to keep your dentures in place for days. When applying the glue to the dentures, make sure to let it dry completely before putting them back on.

How many times can dentures be relined?

A denture reline should occur, at most, every two years. However, if you’re feeling any discomfort or your dentures just don’t fit right and are loose, getting a reline will most likely fix the problem and get you back to feeling comfortable with your new teeth.

What to do if a tooth falls out of your dentures?

If a patient’s denture tooth falls out, the tooth should be located and placed in a plastic bag. This will allow the dentist to re-insert it into the denture. If a tooth is chipped, the dentist will take it out of the denture and replace it with a new one.

Why do my dentures keep falling out?

The most frequent cause of dentures loosening and falling out is bone resorption. The gums continue to shrink as the bone that once held the now-missing teeth continues to regress in this state. By chewing on your dentures as much as possible, you can help to control bone regression.

Why do my dentures feel so big?

The gum ridge that the jawbone protects shrinks as the jawbone shrinks in height and width. Dentures loosen when this occurs when they sit on the gum ridge and are customised to suit their form and scale. As a result, many patients’ dentures become too big for their mouths.

What is the average age for dentures?

Although many people have their first pair of false teeth between the ages of 40 and 49, tooth replacement becomes almost inevitable as people get older.

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